Epson is a well-known brand that specializes in both home and office printers. These printers are highly functional with efficient printing speed. The quality of the prints is topnotch. Although Epson printers are very effective it might malfunction sometime when being used for a long period of time. A malfunctioning printer can have a negative effect on your work productivity. To fix this, immediate actions must be taken. You can skip going to a service center and instead avail a good Epson printer tech support for quick and cost-effective solutions. Also, you can fix the problem by yourself with proper guidance.

Before applying the proper technique to solve a technical problem of an Epson printer, you need to know thoroughly about the issue. Once you get to know what is causing the problem, fixing it will become easier.

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When your printer misbehaves, you will experience certain error codes. There are many error codes which are easy to solve. Here is a list of 11 error codes and the method to solve them –

  1. Error Code I-01 – When your printer is out of paper or several pages have been fed, then this error code takes place. To solve this error, use the page feeder and load or reload paper. Lastly, press the start button.
  2. Error Code W-02 – This error indicates that your printer has become jammed due to the paper you have used. You need to fix the paper-jam to get rid of this bug.
  3. Error Code W-04 – If this problem occurs, it means that the cover of the cartridge is open. Close the cover of the cartridge and press the #start. After doing this, you can resume printing.
  4. Error Code W-11 – In case your printer’s cartridge has become empty or you have installed it in a wrong way, error code W-11 will happen. To solve this, you need to install a new cartridge. After replacing it, if the problem is still present then the cartridge must have been incorrectly placed inside the printer. Fix this issue by pressing the start menu as it will move the cartridges to a replaceable position. Continue the process by pressing down on the cartridges that have been installed and press start. If the problem still continues, you need to get in touch with a good Epson printer technical support.
  5. Error Code W-12 – It means that the ink cartridges cannot be recognized on the LCD screen. For such technical glitches, you need to replace this cartridge.
  6. Error Code W-30 – Suppose you have installed a memory card incorrectly in your printer or the card is not supported by the printer. In such scenario, you will experience error code W-30. Also, this problem will arise if there are certain incompatible media files within the memory card. To resolve such problem, use another card and install it properly.
  7. Error Code I-11 – Are you experiencing error code I-11 with your Epson printer? This might be because you do not have any memory card installed. Get rid of this error code by inserting a memory card.
  8. Error Code I-50 – When the index sheet on the scanner glass is not placed properly then error code I-50 takes place. Fix the problem by looking for marks on the sheet and position it in the right way before printing again. epson printer error fixing
  9. Error Code I-51 – If there are no photos selected on the index sheet, then this error code occurs. Also, if ovals are not marked on the index sheet properly it can lead to this problem. Resolve this issue by checking for marks on the sheet and position them correctly.
  10. Error Code W-01 – Error code 01 indicates that some parts of your Epson printer might be coming to an end. You need to opt for Epson printer online tech support.
  11. Error Code E-02 – If your Epson printer is showing error code E-02 then you must turn off the printer. After waiting for a few minutes, turn on the printer and start printing. But if the problem is still occurring then you need to contact an online printer tech support and service.

When you are facing any of these error codes with your Epson printer, you can fix the problem yourself by following the above-mentioned techniques. But if you think it’s better to take help from an expert then you can reach out to any Epson printer customer service.


For Epson Printer Technical Support Call +1-(888) 389-7498 in USA and Canada


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