11 Error Codes and Remedies of Epson Printer

Epson is a well-known brand that specializes in both home and office printers. These printers are highly functional with efficient printing speed. The quality of the prints is topnotch. Although Epson printers are very effective it might malfunction sometime when being used for a long period of time. A malfunctioning printer can have a negative effect on your work productivity. To fix this, immediate actions must be taken. You can skip going to a service center and instead avail a good Epson printer tech support for quick and cost-effective solutions. Also, you can fix the problem by yourself with proper guidance.

Techniques to Solve Dell Printer Error Codes 077-90 and 024-910

While Dell printers are no doubt one of the best printer brands across the world that provides best quality prints, but users do face certain errors while using this printer. The technical glitches of your Dell printer can affect your work productivity. Two very common issues of this printer brand are Error codes 077-90 and 024-910.


Canon Printer Do Not Scan in Windows 10

Did you upgrade your Windows to version 10? Well, there is one problem you might face if you are a Canon printer user.

Recently some users mentioned that after they upgraded their Windows to version 10, they were not able to scan with their Canon printers. While clicking the preview scan option, the scanner produces a preview copy but when they pressed the Scan option, the scanner stops mid-way.

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