A dot-matrix printer is very popular. These printing devices are used in every office and even in households. They provide topnotch printouts at a moderate to high speed. But a dot-matrix printer will show certain technical anomalies when it is not maintained properly.

Providing the right kind of maintenance for a dot-matrix printer is not rocket science if you know the appropriate procedures. You can consult a dot-matrix tech support for this purpose.

Here’s a list of seven maintenance tips to keep your dot-matrix printer in top-class condition –

1.  The first step you must pursue to keep your dot-matrix printer in good condition is to clean the internal parts precisely. Also, every moving part of the printing machine must be coated with a lubricant. For a better understanding, follow these steps –

  • The spacing of the print-head must be adjusted
  • Check for the print-head-positioning belt’s tension
  • Clean the roller surface of the printer, platen surface, and the paper-handling motor’s gear train
  • Use a foam swab and apply light oil on the printer’s gears
  • Also, apply oil (light coat) on the rails
  • In order to prevent print head and motor failure, clean and lubricate the print-head and mechanism respectively.

2.  One of a very critical issue of dot-matrix printers is a mystery paper-jam. When a tiny piece of paper getsjammed paper removal lodged below the tractor feed or the rollers, it can lead to this issue. You have to remove the jammed paper or remove the rollers to restore the printer’s normal activity.

While printing the edges gets separated from white pages. In many cases, paper-jam might happen when the tractor of the printer feeds on these paper edges. You can solve this problem by taking the paper out of the machine and then hitting the form feed button for quite a few times.

3.  The presence of white lines in printed graphics and texts is another very common issue of a dot-matrix printer. When this problem occurs, most of the times the print-head is at fault. To prevent this problem from happening, check the data ribbon of the print head and make sure that it is working in a proper manner. You should also clean the print-head with alcohol to get rid of this problem. If none of these techniques works then get help from a dot-matrix printer tech support in the USA.

4.  Your dot-matrix printer often quits printing out of the blue. Suppose you are trying to print something on your dot-matrix printer and nothing is happening. What will you do? Well, any online printer tech support will advise you to check if the printer is connected to a PC and properly receiving power. Also, if you are using a wireless network, make sure that your printer and PC or smartphone is connected to the same network. If every technique fails to work then run a self-test on our printer. In case this self –test fails as well, then the motor of your printer must be burned out or the system board has a defect.

5.  A dot-matrix printer might produce grinding noises while printing. These might be because of any jammed foreign particles in the printer. Look for these foreign objects and remove it. You must also check the belts and see whether they have been excessively worked out.

6.  If you are using a dot-matrix printer, sometime you will see that even though the printer’s carriage is moving but nothing is printing. The reason for this technical issue is a dried up ink ribbon. Install the ink ribbon correctly to get rid of this issue.

7.  Sometime your printer might print gibberish. To solve this technical glitch, see if the dip switch of the printer is in good condition. This switch is responsible for controlling the line feed and carriage return. You can correct this anomaly by toggling the dip switch. Also, check whether the print driver is properly installed or not.change printer cable

Another probable cause of this problem is a faulty printer cable. Try to change it for better printing experience.

A dot-matrix printer often showcases these above-mentioned problems. You can apply these techniques to get rid of these anomalies. In case these techniques fail to solve the problem you can take help from an online technical support for dot-matrix printers.

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