Boot device missing error: How it occur, How to fix it?

While starting the system you may sometime see the popup message boot device missing/boot device moved location/boot device not found”. This occurred while starting the computer.

You expect to see the same windows loading screen after the initial stage of the start-up screen. But you might also see an error message after the start-up screen. This happens when there something wrong with your pc.

Most of the annoying messages we encounter on our system which leave us quite annoyed for us to analyze is the boot device missing error. But some of the error messages we get. Boot device missing is one of the easiest errors on start-up. When you start up your PC and find yourself staring at an error message, no matter how cryptic, you’re bound to be frustrated and more than a little afraid, too, especially if you aren’t sure what’s going on.


There are different terminologies for every manufacturer in spite of the fact that they mean the same thing. The message “boot device missing or moved location” is one of the most common messages for all the brands or manufacturers.


A proper BIOS setting is very important for the computer system. The error of boot device missing can be caused by the improper bios setting. The vast majority of computer users are experiencing the error of boot device missing and this can be easily fixed just by going into the bios on start-up and changing one little thing in the setting.

  1. Restart your pc
  2. When the logo starts to appear, immediately press F2 for bios setting
  3. Select the boot tab and enter
  4. You have to keep checking the boot order and need to make sure that the system’s hard drive is in the first slot only. If not then put the hard drive in the first slot only.
  5. Highlight the boot mode and enter and switch to legacy first
  6. Exit saving changes and enter
  7. Restart your system

If changing the boot order and switching the legacy doesn’t help you to get out of the boot device missing error you need to change your hard disk. But the most challenging thing is that it’s the era of modernization and digitalization. Everyone is in the race of being the first. Therefore where’s the time to resolve all these extra issues.

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