Many mac users and also the windows users face the challenge of boot failure when they start the computer. And due to the no boot issue people also encounter the data loss issues.

BIOS stand for a basic input/output system, which plays a very important part of the computer system. The role of the bios is to find the bootable hard drive when the computer is getting booted. And the disk boot failure message gets prompt when the bios failed to find such a drive to boot from. Therefore, the boot process gets terminated. This results loss of computer data.

If you want to fix this issue then you need to know the exact reasons behind this.

So, here we discuss why and when the computer fails to boot/start.
  • Improper bios boot arrangements: The role of the BIOS is to find the bootable hard drive when the computer is getting booted. Therefore if the sequence of the bios boot is not correct, then it very obvious that it will not be able to find the bootable drive. This also results in data loss.


  • Boot sector viruses: Generally viruses are known for the damages they made on the files on the hard drive. And there are some viruses which cause damage in the boot sector of the drive. This situation is quite complicated. If the boot sector gets infected then the hard drive booting will get interrupted.


  • Damaged or cracked hard disk: Disk boot error is very obvious if the hard disk is damaged or cracked in any way. The corrupted hard disk results in loss of data. Thus, booting from the drive becomes a little tough.


  • Wrong or improper new hard drive configuration: Whenever you install the new hard drive into your computer sometimes it happens that the “disk boot failure” message still displays. In this scenario, it is likely that the hard drive has been configured improperly.


  • Software conflicts with system settings: Third party software installation is one of the reasons to receive such an error as well. In that situation, the chances of having a software confliction with the system are very high.
Apart from all these reasons, there are also some common reasons which cause boot failure.
  • Hard drive not properly plugged in
  • Windows system failure
  • Bad electrical connection
  • Power supply failure
  • Operating system failure
  • Hardware failure
  • Lights with beeps
  • Motherboard failures
Tips and Tricks:
  • Check your cords.
  • If the cables are well and good, still no power is visible on the laptop; the chances are you may have a bad power jack. Check on that.
  • If you don’t have any idea what’s happening, it’s recommended to consult experts.

These are some of the core reasons for getting no boot issues. But there is always a way for every problem. Fixmyprinters is the one-way solution to get rid of all the issues related to your MAC. We handle all major issues of the computer system of different brands. Using the best quality tools and equipment.

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