What to do when an Epson Printer Quits Printing Out of the Blue

Suppose you are printing something and the printer that you are using suddenly quits printing amidst of the process. Even thinking about such scenarios is enough to raise our frustration levels.

But have you ever wondered, what causes your Epson printer to stop printing out of the blue? Well, there are many reasons. If you consult with an excellent Epson printer technical support and service, you will see that solving this issue is nothing once you get to know what the reason behind it is.

Here is a list of reasons that might cause your printer to quit printing and how you can solve them –

1. When the paper runs out

    Paper runs out indicate two issues – a) there is no paper loaded in the printer. b) Actually, the printer is out of paper. For option (a), you need to load your printer with paper. For option (b), if there is any printout or paper remains in the printer, you need to remove it. After that, load the printer with more paper. And while you are printing when this error message appears then, you need to reset the printer after pressing the pause button for 3 seconds. Then load the printer with paper and start again.

2. When in the printer driver the roll paper is selected and but in the control panel sheet paper is selected

    Sometimes what happens is, you have selected roll paper in the printer driver but sheet paper has been chosen in the control panel. You can solve the issue by selecting the same paper type in printer driver and control panel.

3. When a paper jam occurs in the printer

    Paper-jam is another reason that might cause your Epson printer from working. If you want to fix the problem then get rid of the paper-jam as soon as possible.

4. When damaged data is sent to the printer

You need to stop the printing process and select the Pause option for almost three seconds. For more information, get in touch with an online printer repair service USA.

5. When there is an occurrence of CISC

    In case you are facing any sort of CISC error, then you have to reinstall the ink cartridge after removing it. After doing this procedure, if the printer does not work properly then you need to replace the ink cartridge.

6. When the lower cover is open

    If the lower cover of the printer is open then it might cause your Epson printer to stop work. To prevent this from happening, close the lower cover and start printing from the beginning.

These are the issues that might cause a sudden halt in the normal activity of the printer. If these steps do not work then get professional help from our excellent online printer tech support at the toll-free number – +1-888-336-7133

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