How to Fix a Damaged Spooler of a Dell Printer

We use printers on a daily basis, but there are some “Technical” terms associated with printers that most of us fail to understand. One such term is printer spooler.

Do you know what a printer spooler is?

A printer spooler is a software program. It is used for managing all types of printer jobs that are being sent to the printer server or the computer printer. It helps in maintaining a proper queue of the print jobs.

Sound pretty simple right? But you can often face problems with a printer spooler. Generally, a printer spooler issue is related to a corruption of the spooler or if the spooler fails to communicate properly with other software.

If you are facing spooler issues with your Dell printer, then here are the top 3 methods, as suggested by a good Dell printer technical support and service, which might help you to mend the problem –

First, change the properties of the print spooler

    • Open the printer spooler properties in your system

    • Now, stop or start the spooler

    • Then, you need to set the spooler in such a way so that it can start up automatically

    • After that, you need to change the recovery options

    • Make sure that your spooler does not interact with the desktop by unchecking the “Allow interaction with desktop” checkbox

    Lastly, try again to print by restarting the printer. But if the problem still occurs, then go back to the print spooler properties and check for dependencies. You can also take help from an online printer support.

Restore the Default state of the printer

    • First, start by clearing the queue of the print jobs

    • Then, you need to update the driver of the printer to the latest version.

    • If the software of your Dell printer is corrupted then you need to delete it and reinstall it once again.

    • Uninstall the printer driver separately and install it again

    Start afresh and your printer spooler issues might get sorted

Fix printer spooler issues by scanning the files of the system

    • You need to restart your computer in safe mode.

    • You need to have administrative privileges and open the command prompt.

    • Now, enter the scan command and wait for the scan to get complete

    Often the scan might identify a corrupt file but fail to repair it. In such cases, you need to do it by yourself. You need to find the corrupt file, search for an alternative file and replace the corrupted file with the new one. But if you find a problem in doing so, then get in touch with an online printer service.

Implement these techniques and get rid of printer spooler issues in no time. In case the problem still persists, reach us at our toll-free number – +1-888-336-7133

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