One of the leading brands of printers is Lexmark. This is an amazing printing device that is used by millions of users from across the world. But you might face certain technical difficulties while working with this printer. One of the major issues of this pro printer is Error Code 1102. To those who are facing this complication, you don’t need to worry anymore. Because fixing printer error code 1102 is an easy process and you can take help of a Lexmark printer tech support in USA & Canada or do it by yourself. But before we start with the solving methods of this issue, let us know what a Printer Error 1102 is and how does it occur.

lexmark printer technical supportWhat is Lexmark printer error code 1102?

Suppose a printer user is facing trouble with refilling the color and black cartridges of a Lexmark printer. Then the printer will show an error message indicating it. Such an error code is known as Error 1102.

What Causes Lexmark Printer Error Code – 1102?

The major reasons that cause an error code -1102 in Lexmark printers are –

  • When a user built a wrong position for the cartridge of the printer
  • In situations when a Lexmark printer user does not have a power supply on the printer or system
  • Due to an incorrect setting of the printer head of a printer
  • When a printer power cord does not work in the right way

How to Solve the Error Code 1102 of Lexmark Printers?

For solving this error code of Lexmark printers, you can either take assistance from a Lexmark printer technical support or you can flow these simple steps –

  1. The First step will be to reinsert the print cartridges of a printer

In order to reinsert a print cartridge to your Lexmark printer, you need to follow these below-mentioned processes –

lexmark printer tech support

  • At first, try to exit the cartridge’s carrier lids but not before removing the print cartridges
  • Then you need to disconnect the cord of the printer from the source of electrical supply
  • Now that you have disconnected the printer cord, reconnect it again into the power socket.

Once you have completed all these steps, any complication regarding the Lexmark error code 1102 will be solved.


  1. The second step is to change the cartridge of the black print with a brand new one

To solve error code 1102, you need to change the black print cartridge of the printer with a new one. Confused about how to do it? Follow these steps for guidance –

  • First, you change the black print cartridge with a new one in case you are facing this error
  • After changing the cartridge, if the error does not occur you can reinsert the color print cartridge
  • But if the error occurs again, replace the cartridge of the color print with a new one

If none of these methods solve the problem, get in touch with a Lexmark printer online tech support.

  1. Another method is to switch off the AIO

While turning off the switch off the AIO, you need to follow these certain steps –

  • From the back side of the printer, turn off the AIO power supply
  • After this, wait for 30 to 40 seconds and then try to reinsert the power supply. You can now switch on the power supply of the AIO
  • You can now restart the printer and your system. Take a test printout just to check the quality of the printer
  1. Get rid of Lexmark printer error 1102 by properly cleaning the cartridge

Cleaning the cartridge of your Lexmark printer can solve the error 1102 problem. Want to know the perfect way to clean a printer’s cartridge, follow these steps –

  • After removing the cartridges, clean the contacts
  • You can clean the nozzles of cartridge very carefully by cleaning it with a clean cloth dabbed in water
  • Wipe the cartridge with a dry cloth
  • Before you reinsert the nozzles, make sure that it is completely dry.
  • You can clean the contacts of the print heads with a cotton swab so that there are no remains of any residue on the contacts
  • Do a defective cartridge test and print out a test output
  • If the test printout is good then your error is solved

In case these quick fixes fail to solve the Lexmark error code 1102, you need to call Lexmark printer customer service. The experts of such services will thoroughly examine the problem of your printer and then provide an apt solution.

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