4 Steps to Solve Paper Jam Issues in a Canon Printer

Being a printer user if you have not faced a paper jam issue, then are you really a printer user? Statistics say that almost everyone has encountered paper jam problems while using a printer, no matter what the brand is.

Paper jam issues can occur due to various reasons. This problem is nerve-wracking to deal with but it is quite easy to solve. If you know the right techniques, you can solve the issue by yourself.

Are you wondering, how to know the correct techniques to fix paper jams in a printer? Well, you can always consult with the tech experts of a good Canon printer technical support and service or you can just follow these 4 super easy techniques –

A paper is stuck in the loading tray of a Canon printer? Locate and remove it

    If there is any presence of loose papers in the loading tray, then you need to gently remove it. After that hit the resume button located on the front side of the printer.

    In case this does not work, start from the middle and try to remove the stuck paper very carefully, one sheet at a time.

    Check whether there are any other paper bits left behind. If so, then clear it.

Removing paper jams from the printer’s rear
There is either a two-sided printing accessory or an access door in a printer. To clear the paper jam, follow these two procedures –
How to remove the paper jam from rear access panel?
Follow to steps to find out –

    On the panel, search for the access tab or knob. If you are successful in finding the knob, then place it to the Unlock position.

    Once you have located the panel, make sure to remove the paper that has been stuck.

    Make sure to remove every bit and piece of the paper

    Now, secure the panel after replacing it.

How to remove paper jam by using the two-sided printing accessory?

    First, release the module by pressing the Release button on both sides of it.

    Then, carefully remove the jammed paper by removing the panel

    Place the module back to its initial position after you have made sure that there is no piece of jammed paper left behind. You also can take help from a tech expert of a well-known printer technical support online.

Removing a jammed paper from under the printer’s front cover

Although this step is not at all recommended, you can fix paper jam issues of a Canon printer by pulling the stuck

paper out from the under the front cover of the printer.

This technique is not at all recommended and if you have no other options then only apply it.
Free movement of the print carriage

Often paper-jam issue of printer might occur due to hindrance in the movement of the print carriage. To make sure that the printer carriage is working properly, take assistance from a well-renowned Printer customer support USA.

After following all these techniques, the paper jam issue of your Canon printer is bound to get sorted. But in case the problem persists, the issue might be hardware related. For any further issues, contact us at our toll-free number – +1-888-336-7133

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