In this technologically advanced world, printers have become one of the most used electronic gadgets. However, while using a printer, you might face various technical glitches. Some of these issues can be very frustrated to handle. For example, sometime your printer might show paper-jam issues, half-printing or double printing issues, connection issues and so on. Another very vital issue of a printer is that it might sometime print streaks and stripes in the printouts. This blotchy and bad quality printouts might be the outcome from all types of printers, be it Lexmark, HP, Epson, Dell, etc.

Well, one thing is for sure that solving this issue is not so difficult. However, first, you need to know what causes this technical problem –

  • One main reason is that the printer might have lost connection. Sometime, while using a USB cord to connect the printer to your device, the connection might get detached. Also, if you are using a wireless connection, then also your printer’s connection might get lost. If such incidence occurs, chances are you might end up with streaky and blotchy printouts.
  • Another factor is if the print head is not properly aligned then also it can cause streaks and stripes in the printout. Also, the result might be due to dirt that has accumulated in your printer. Due to all such reasons, you can get bad quality printouts.
  • Sometimes along with printing streaks and stripes, your printer might also print certain gibberish. The reason might be because your inkjet driver might not be compatible with the OS or is corrupted or outdated.

So, if you get a bad quality printout mainly with streaks and stripes, then it might be because of these above-mentioned issues. Well, this problem is not that hard to fix, when you have expert help.

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