7 Rules to Keep Your Dot-Matrix Printer in Best Condition

A dot-matrix printer is very popular. These printing devices are used in every office and even in households. They provide topnotch printouts at a moderate to high speed. But a dot-matrix printer will show certain technical anomalies when it is not maintained properly.

Providing the right kind of maintenance for a dot-matrix printer is not rocket science if you know the appropriate procedures. You can consult a dot-matrix tech support for this purpose.

Here’s a list of seven maintenance tips to keep your dot-matrix printer in top-class condition –

1.  The first step you must pursue to keep your dot-matrix printer in good condition is to clean the internal parts precisely. Also, every moving part of the printing machine must be coated with a lubricant. For a better understanding, follow these steps –

  • The spacing of the print-head must be adjusted
  • Check for the print-head-positioning belt’s tension
  • Clean the roller surface of the printer, platen surface, and the paper-handling motor’s gear train
  • Use a foam swab and apply light oil on the printer’s gears
  • Also, apply oil (light coat) on the rails
  • In order to prevent print head and motor failure, clean and lubricate the print-head and mechanism respectively.

2.  One of a very critical issue of dot-matrix printers is a mystery paper-jam. When a tiny piece of paper getsjammed paper removal lodged below the tractor feed or the rollers, it can lead to this issue. You have to remove the jammed paper or remove the rollers to restore the printer’s normal activity.

While printing the edges gets separated from white pages. In many cases, paper-jam might happen when the tractor of the printer feeds on these paper edges. You can solve this problem by taking the paper out of the machine and then hitting the form feed button for quite a few times.

3.  The presence of white lines in printed graphics and texts is another very common issue of a dot-matrix printer. When this problem occurs, most of the times the print-head is at fault. To prevent this problem from happening, check the data ribbon of the print head and make sure that it is working in a proper manner. You should also clean the print-head with alcohol to get rid of this problem. If none of these techniques works then get help from a dot-matrix printer tech support in the USA.

4.  Your dot-matrix printer often quits printing out of the blue. Suppose you are trying to print something on your dot-matrix printer and nothing is happening. What will you do? Well, any online printer tech support will advise you to check if the printer is connected to a PC and properly receiving power. Also, if you are using a wireless network, make sure that your printer and PC or smartphone is connected to the same network. If every technique fails to work then run a self-test on our printer. In case this self –test fails as well, then the motor of your printer must be burned out or the system board has a defect.

5.  A dot-matrix printer might produce grinding noises while printing. These might be because of any jammed foreign particles in the printer. Look for these foreign objects and remove it. You must also check the belts and see whether they have been excessively worked out.

6.  If you are using a dot-matrix printer, sometime you will see that even though the printer’s carriage is moving but nothing is printing. The reason for this technical issue is a dried up ink ribbon. Install the ink ribbon correctly to get rid of this issue.

7.  Sometime your printer might print gibberish. To solve this technical glitch, see if the dip switch of the printer is in good condition. This switch is responsible for controlling the line feed and carriage return. You can correct this anomaly by toggling the dip switch. Also, check whether the print driver is properly installed or not.change printer cable

Another probable cause of this problem is a faulty printer cable. Try to change it for better printing experience.

A dot-matrix printer often showcases these above-mentioned problems. You can apply these techniques to get rid of these anomalies. In case these techniques fail to solve the problem you can take help from an online technical support for dot-matrix printers.

Tips to Keep Your Inkjet Printer in Prime Condition

The latest inkjet printers in the market are truly spectacular in every way possible. Printers are a necessity in every office and even in many households. These high functional inkjet printers are great in terms of productivity. With high rate printing speed, these printing devices produce superior quality printouts.

An inkjet printer when subjected to too much printing jobs and used for a long period of time, will show deterioration in its normal activity. Many problems may arise which include – blurred printouts, Ghosting issues, paper-jam, half and double printing, spooler issues and so on. Solving these issues is not that easy. That’s why a good inkjet printer tech supports will always advise you to follow certain precautionary steps beforehand in order to avoid such problematic technical glitches.

To help you get started, here are some common practices that you might consider doing to keep your printer in good condition.

  1. Always Keep Your Printer Clean

If you consult any inkjet printer technical support, they will say that dust and dirt is the biggest enemy of your inkjet printer. Your printer gets severely affected by loose paper fibers and paper dust. And if you use cotton rag papers, it will also affect your printer. printer cleaning

To keep your printer clean from all these dust, you must use a microfiber cloth to wipe the surfaces of the printers thoroughly. In case you are currently not using a printer, then keep it protected with dust covers.

Also, another trick to clean a printer is to use a slightly damped cloth to remove any dirt accumulated near the plastic areas. You need to clean the rubber rollers of your printer at least once a year. You can also use a rubber roller restorer.

  1. Check the Printer’s Nozzles

printer nozzle checkingIf you are facing any sort of print quality issues with your printers, then one of the main reasons for this is a faulty nozzle. In such cases, you need to check your nozzle and keep it clean. Do this and you will have a top class printing experience.

  1. Do Not Clean the Printer Head Too Much

One thing you must remember that cleaning the printer’s head excessively will not make your printer super functional. A printer head should only be cleaned when the nozzles are blocked. Excessive cleaning will only lead to a waste of ink.

In certain cases when even after three head clean cycles, if the nozzles remain clogged or the situation is getting worse then you must look for some other solutions and probably call an inkjet printer tech support online. Also, you should know that such difficulties will occur if air enters the lines. The perfect way to deal with this anomaly is to keep printing with the problems color. This will flush out the ink through the printer’s head and ultimately the printer will restore back to its normal functionality.

  1. Select a proper refillselect proper refill

While buying an ink cartridge for your inkjet printers, never compromise on the cost. A low-quality ink cartridge can have a serious impact on the hardware of the printer and your inkjet printer will produce poor printouts. If you are not sure about which cartridge will best suit your printer then talk to an expert from online inkjet printer tech support.

  1. Be very careful while replacing the cartridges

Before you replace the cartridges of your printer, you must read the manual that is provided to you. Follow the instructions written there and then only replace the cartridge with extra care. While doing this, avoid touching the bottom of the printer as it will spoil the print quality. Also, replace the cartridge before it dries up.

  1. Turn off the printer after using it

after using turn off the printerYou must know that a lot of heat is generated from a printer. If you are not using a printer for a while then you need to turn it off. When the printer remains on, the header will dry up the ink cartridge; as a result, the printer’s header will clog. Additionally, in case you have kept the printer on for a long time, it can damage other parts of the printer as well.

Follow these pro-tips and you will have minimal technical glitches with your printer.


Perfect printing methods to obtain clear text and image

Perfect Printing Methods to Obtain Clear-Text and Image

Printing when done in the right way can produce brilliant outcomes but the reverse thing will happen if the printing method is not correct. Printouts are very essential, be it for a meeting or for a school project. Also, these printouts must be of excellent quality. A good printout should not have white lines in between or any such technical glitches. It must provide clear text and images. A quality printer can produce top-class color as well as black and white printouts.

Well, there are certain best practices that one might follow to get clear printouts. Here is a list of 15 such printer tech support in USA approved methods that one might implement to get a better result –

  1. Clean and remove dust from parts of the printer. This should be practiced once or twice in a week.
  2. Keep toner cartridges packed in their original box, when not in use.
  3. Go to the printer’s Setting option. Choose and select the highest resolution value. It is generally measured in dpi (dots-per-inch) which ranges from 72 to 2400 dpi.
  4. Perfect printing methods also include the use of only that type of paper as instructed by the manufacturer of the specific printer.
  5. Go to the printer’s Settings. Choose and select the highest printer’s speed favorable to get the best image. The printer’s speed should not be low speed, with a good speed, the color saturation can be reduced.
  6. Keep the printer in a cool, safe and dry place. The temperature of the surrounding should be normal. The excessive moisture and humidity may damage the device.
  7. Use of latest printer drivers is one of the Perfect printing methods.
  8. Use upgraded firmware versions.
  9. Always install the updated versions of firmware and drivers.
  10. Apply standard ink cartridge for regular documents and high-quality ink for graphics and images.printer tech support in usa
  11. Perform the recommended maintenance on an inkjet printer, as directed by the manufacturer.
  12. Keep the printer head clean. Avoid the blocking of the nozzle due to dust and heat. Go to printer’s control panel for adjustment of printer heads.
  13. Update the printer’s software and hardware.
  14. It is advisable to expand the printer’s memory for better printing.
  15. Replace the old ink or toner cartridge by the new one in time.

You will see visible changes in your printouts once you follow these procedures. For any such queries related to a printer, you can reach out to a good printer tech support Canada for better assistance.

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How to Install HP printer without any technical difficulties?

Installation of HP Printer is extremely simple process or procedure. Regarding the technical issues you can choose https://www.fixmyprinters.com/ as a helpline. HP printer consumers needed to download the right version of the Hp Printer driver software according the system configuration set up & install it in the PC/Computer according to the version.

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Slow printing Issues:

If your HP printer is printing very slowly, then first you have to check how your system is running, how is your computer system etc. There may be any small technical fault/issue with spooler. There may be the possibilities of hardware errors in your total It set up/process or in the printer system.Error may be occurs in the print head and need lot of daily care and maintenance as support system to run this entire process smoothly. If you get any type of technical difficulty, you need to communicate with the best & that is www.fixmyprinters.com.+1-866-801-5149 helpline number is available for this issue.


Printer Driver set up:This is very compulsory set up process. In the total system there are certain specifications/process management.If you have any technical fault/issues/ error/difficulty, you should communicate with online printer technical support team as www.fixmyprinters.com It is very important step that is suggested by certified technical experts for every user., with the helpline +1-866-801-5149.The instant helpline fixmyprinters.com.

These days, printer connections are having lot of issues as technical errors. The technical errors are follows:

  • Network problems: Sharing the network is a cause of lot of technical errors. This is very necessary and important factor for the entire printing process.

To run the process there are certain troubleshooting process:

This is very important factor for the computer system to restore the setting process and absorb the important steps to run the total system very smoothly.It is very important& essential step that is suggested by certified best technical experts from fixmyprinters.com.


If required any kind of help, you must call at Printer Technical Support Toll-Free Number 1-888-336-7133 for the tech support.

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Why are we an Award Winning 24*7 Printer Tech Support System?

FixMyPrinters provides an excellent service to the customers. For any sort of technical glitches that one might face with his or her printer, we have the perfect solution. These are the few things that make our service special among our clients –

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 Issues We Resolve –

  • Paper-jamming issues during the printing process
  • Total system configuration
  • Installation of the printer
  • Installation and uninstallation of the driver of the printer
  • Error message decoding and troubleshooting
  • Fixing remote network issues of a printer
  • Resolving issues of your printer when it quits printing out of the blue
  • Unable to detect the printer
  • Solving double printing and half printing issues
  • Increases the quality and speed of the printer
  • Solves problems related to using a new cartridge

These are the award-winning services that we provide for our clients. FixMyPrinters is a one-stop solution for all your printer related technical queries. As we all know, printers have become a necessity for workplaces and home. But due to continuous use for a prolonged period of time, these printing devices might get affected. You might face certain technical glitches. To fix such issues you should call our toll-free number – +1-888-336-7133 (USA and Canada).

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