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Refund Policy of

Refund Policy in any sort of transaction is very important. In business framework refund policy will be available due to this following issues:

  • Error made in Support communication or the new order processing.

When you are in the mode of technical support communication or the new order purchasing moment you have to be very sure about the following issues:

a) Your email response according to the technical support team communication

b) Your order number or the problem solution code:

c) The date of your order or the date of your technical support communication.

d)The name & type of the service you avail from

e)The version of the window that is running in your system.

f) Please describe the details of the issue why you need the refund?

According to your communication fixmyprinters will take all the steps according to the rules & regulation & refund process will be on. The eligible refunds will receive a credit according to the customer policy within the time frame of 7 to 10 business days.

Under the policy process/Communication: In any sort of case customer’s satisfaction is the biggest satisfaction, but it may happen you are not happy with your service policy or terms & condition. In terms of communication you should be active within 5 to 6 days for the proper support from fixmyprintersbusiness support team or technical support team. The technical expertise team will go through your communication & take an appropriate decision.

If there is any case like fraudulent credit card charges or anything like thatrefering to Refund Policy it will be tested through the legal team of fixmyprinters with the expertise collaboration of technical support.

fixmyprinterscannot guarantee the time frame or the time line of how long a refund will take to credit back to the customer own account in bank. It typically takes mostly 5-7 business days/working days , in this cases fixmyprinters has no control over of the time-frame after fixmyprinters has processed the refund according to the business policy.

fixmyprintersmust be directly contacted to cancel  for any ongoing service or the process. Any sort of dispute with the customer’s Credit Card Company/then fixmyprinters does not have the refund policy system.

When a consumer agrees to fixmyprinters services, it is the customer’s communication range to provide payment mode prior to the service offering. The customer has the initial right to refuse payment for this services.

Failure of IT support components, which will be customer’s own system will not be included in the Refund Policy statement.

To expedite the processing system of your return process, please give reference of your Order number/Customer ID number included in your communication system.

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