While Dell printers are no doubt one of the best printer brands across the world that provides best quality prints, but users do face certain errors while using this printer. The technical glitches of your Dell printer can affect your work productivity. Two very common issues of this printer brand are Error codes 077-90 and 024-910.

For a better understanding, let’s dig deeper on these error codes individually. So, let’s begin with –

Dell Printer Error Code 077-90

One of the common anomalies of Dell printers is error code 077-90. Your printer will show this error message if there have been any paper-jams and the printer is unable to print anything. Such an issue can be solved easily if you know the correct method.  Also, to solve it you can reach out Dell printer tech support.

What causes error code 077-90 in Dell printers?

The Error code 077-90 indicates a paper-jam code. The reasons behind this technical fault are –

  • When the paper sheets get stuck in the printer cartridge
  • Due to misplaced encoder strips
  • A necessity for replacing the cartridges
  • When a user gives too many printing commands, it can cause paper-jam
How Can You Solve Error Code 077-910 in Dell printers?

Are you looking for a suitable solution to fix the paper-jam 077-90 code of your Dell printer? Well, here are the instructions that might assist you. dell printer tech support

  • Remove those jammed papers from the printers.
  • After this, restart the system and then turn off the printer.
  • Now, remove the chords that are connecting the printer with the system
  • You must open the printer’s setup and check for jammed papers in the cartridge. In case of presence of jammed papers, remove them.
  • Connect the computer to your printer and turn it on.
  • Test the printer by printing a document
  • If the problem still persists, then print the report of the system settings so that you can clean the feed roller
  • Then, navigate and find the customer mode and run the manual feed
  • Lastly, restart the computer and test print a document.

If you fail to achieve the desired end result after performing these steps, then you might have to take help from a Dell printer technical support.

Dell Printer Error Code 024-910

Dell printers are pretty easy to handle but one major functional difficulty of these printers is error code 024-910. This error code will stop the processing of the printer and you will be unable to get the right print. When you are experiencing this error code in your Dell printer, you can dial up a Dell printer online tech support or you can fix the technical difficulty by yourself.

What causes error code 024-910 in Dell printers?

Dell printers are very reliable and affordable. Though these printers print excellent printouts, it might malfunction in many occasions. One very common problem of a Dell printer is error code 024-910. This is an error of the load tray. It generally occurs when there is no similarity between the paper set used in the printer and the required paper PC. It is an easily solvable problem which you can fix by yourself or take help from an online printer tech service provider.

How Can You Solve Error Code 024-910 in Dell Printers?

To solve the error code 024-910 for your Dell printers, you can follow these steps –

  • Make sure that there is no mismatch between the required paper PC and the set of papers in the printer
  • Print the setting report as it does not depend on what type of paper is being used for printing
  • After printing setting reports, if the problem is still their then you have to check the paper present sensor
  • Now, you must enable the substitute tray option
  • Check the settings and also the size of the paper used in the printer
  • Make an inspection of the printer driver type and the size settings
  • Also, check for the type of application and size settings

After following all these steps if the problem is still there then it’s high time for you to consult expert professionals from a reputed Dell printer customer service.

So, these are the two recurrent technical anomalies of a Dell printer. To fix these glitches you can follow these solutions or take expert help from a prominent tech support team.

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