Brother Printer Common Technical Problems and Their Solutions

5 Problems of a Brother Printer and Their Solutions

Do you work with a printer on a daily basis? Then you must have experienced frustrating printer problems like paper jamming problems or running out of ink and many more. If you have been using a printer for a long time, it will malfunction on a regular basis. When the problem is big then you need to contact a technician or Brother Printer tech support in USA and Canada. But for minor issues, calling a technician for help is not at all cost-effective. There are certain common complications of a printer that can be solved easily if you follow certain instructions.

Here is a list of such 5 common anomalies of printers and their solutions. These quick fixes are very effective for fixing technical issues of your printer.

Read along and apply these awesome techniques yourself when your printer misbehaves instead of calling a technician. You can save yourself those extra bucks.

1. Paper Jamming Issues – A typical problem with every printer

This is one very regular and frustrating problem of printers. Suppose you are at work and you need to print a document urgently. You walk up to the office printer and realize that it has a paper jam. Now you have two options, either wait for a technician or fix it yourself. What’ll you choose? Ideally, the second option is the best and for that, you need to know the correct method of solving a paper-jamming issue of a printer.

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To start with the procedure of solving a paper-jamming error of a printer, you need to first locate the source of the jam. Usually, the common places where paper jamming occurs are – paper tray, inside the printer and the paper feeder. After you have located where the paper has jammed follow this procedure –

Remove the paper gently so that it does not tear apart. In case you have accidentally torn the paper, be sure to clean every piece of it. After removing the paper, open and close the paper tray. Restart your printer and it will work perfectly.

If this method does not work, read instructions from the manual of your printer or you can take help from a Brother Printer technical support.

2. Inconsistent Images – A vital issue for many printers

Often you will require printing images for a presentation or project. After printing the images, you notice all of them are blurry, faded or have streaky lines on them. Instead of complaining about the situation, you need to fix the situation by following a quick, easy and efficient technique.

Remember one thing, there are mainly three problems regarding inconsistent images – Faded images, blurry images, and lined images. Each of these complications can be fixed with different techniques.

Resolving Faded Image Issues –

Is your printer printing faded images? Follow these steps and prevent it from doing so –

  • Remove the tape from the print head of cartridges or clean the nozzles
  • Select the Head Cleaning utility and run a test by printing a small image. If you get the desired end result, it means your printer issue is fixed.

To clear the print heads or nozzles, follow these steps –

  • Select the Preference option
  • Select the Maintenance and Utility option
  • Now, choose the Head Cleaning Option

Resolving Blurry Image Issue –

If you are getting a blurry image printout, the problem might lie with the quality or type of paper you are using. Avoid using wet or damp papers and load it correctly inside the printer. Also, use the right settings. Using a high gloss setting for your plain papers is the main cause of blurry image printouts.

Resolving Lined Image Issues –

The nozzle of your printer is alright and you have placed the paper in the correct place. But still, you are getting lined images. This might be because the cartridge is low on toner or ink. Change the cartridge and you are good to go.

In case this process fails to solve your problem, avail Brother Printer online tech support or any other printer support.

3. Another very common issue with printers – Wireless Feature Issues

Nothing is more frustrating than unable to connect your wireless printer with a computer despite checking the Wi-Fi connection. The most common solution to this problem is turning off everything (modem, printer, and computer) and restart again. Before restarting the printer and computer, you should restart the router again. Unplug the cable from the wall socket for 30 seconds. Another effective method is checking for any issues regarding the firewall programs and antivirus.

4. A decrement in the speed of the printer

In case your printer is used to print several copies in one day, its speed might decrease. To increase the speed, you can change the printer setting. While printing high-quality outputs, the speed tends to decrease. You can lower the printer quality. It will increase the printer’s speed. Updating the printer’s driver can also prove to be effective.

5. Black and white images have streaks of color in them

For using a color printer to print black and white images, you must turn off the color option of your setting. If color appears still appears in a picture then the ink or toner might be defective. In such cases, clean the printer and replace the toner or ink. If the problem is too complicated then you might consult a tech support like Brother Printer customer service.

These are the top 5 problems that one might face while using a printer. We have provided the best solutions for each problem. Apart from these, if you have any other technical glitches you might contact our expert tech team.

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Brother Printer Support Toll Free Number +1-888-336-7133

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In the present situation, Brother Printers are for the most part utilized by the clients around the world. With expanding threats and risk over the web, clients of Brother Printers as often as possible face a lot of issues, for example, paper jams, debased print quality, slow printing rate etc. What’s more, because of its absence of top notch support, many individuals are compelled to bargain with the issues happening in their printer.

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