Things Which Causes Common Printer Problems

Things which causes common Printer problems

Things which causes common Printer problems are paper jams and low ink levels. However ink jet printers have less advantage than Laser printers. If we are not printing pages regularly, the ink inside becomes dry. So it is necessary to use the device for some pages in a week. Actually all the sub-parts remain moist due to frequent use.


common Printer problems paper jam
Paper in and out

Well, care should be taken to keep both types of printers in a dust free and cool place. A particular printer accepts a specific type of paper. For example, A4 papers cannot be replaced by other kind. Also the particular size and numbers of papers we put at a time matters. There should be tight connections and proper power supply.

Before buying note down the operating systems supported by printer. The laser printer has no problem of getting dry for long period. But laser is expensive than ink jet. Always turn off after the entire printing task is complete. Above all the main element of any printer is print head. So, it should be well protected. And the printers generally run at low voltage input.


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common Printer problems toner colour types
Different toner colours


Follow the rules so that common printer problems does not arise

  1. Select a fresh and clean paper every time. Otherwise a dull output is obtained.
  2. Use new cotton piece to clean the components in short intervals of time.
  3. Shake the toner or cartridge fewer times when no bright text is seen and reprint.
  4. Change the printer settings accordingly for various options along with effective working of components like photoreceptors.
  5. Check whether there is ink or powder overflow. Avoid any sort of leaking.
  6. Keep the papers properly aligned inside paper tray. If the pull is weak rearrange them.
  7. Take out the printed paper slowly and calmly from right direction. It emerges out smoothly.
  8. We need to make right installation and configuration of software so that printer meets user’s demand. With regard to software problems, then no instruction of user is followed. For example: – computer attacked by virus may damage the printer.
  9. Turn OFF power supply when not using printer.

During no use store the cartridge in an air tight box. When the printer is shared across a network of computers, the security may be hampered. We must replace very old machine with new ones as it can’t be maintained. A recent study says that harmful rays are emitted by laser printers. Never come in contact with the chemicals used by printer’s cartridge or toner.


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