Solutions for Blue Screen and Error Code 30 of HP Printers

How to Solve the Blue Screen and Error Code 30 Issues of HP Printers

Millions of people prefer the HP brand when it comes to buying printers. Be it for home or business purpose, these printers are trustworthy and have a wide fan base. Low-cost printing aided with superior quality printouts of photos and documents is what makes HP printers a favorite among many. You can use HP printers for both colored and monochrome outputs. This printing device is great on many levels but it is not completely error-free. Technical anomalies are bound to happen when you use any electronic devices for a prolonged period of time and an HP printer is no exception to this rule. To fix such technical glitches for your HP printer, you need to take assistance from expert professionals and what better to do it than availing a top-class HP printer tech support

Also, there are some common anomalies of your HP printer that you can solve easily by yourself. Two such habitual technical issues are blue screen error and Error code 30. In this article, we will focus on how you can to solve the Blue screen and Error Code 30 problems of HP printers.

Methods for Solving Blue Screen Technical Glitches

While using an HP printer for a long time, you might face an issue known as blue screen error. To get quick service for fixing this problem, you can get in touch with an HP Printer technical support or you can follow these methods by yourself. But first, you need to know, what causes blue screen error in an HP printer.

Why does blue screen error occur in an HP Printer?

A blue screen error might occur in an HP printer due to certain issues in the drive or internal hardware of your printer. Also, when a printer is trying to connect with a wireless network, this problem can take place.

So, what is an effective remedy for such a technical issue? hp printer tech support

The method of fixing Blue Screen error in HP printer is –
  • At first, you need to install the latest Intel USB driver on the printer’s system after you have downloaded it.
  • After that, you need to detach the device from the USB cable. Then, connect the printer to the 2.0 USB port. Remember, you must not connect it with USB port 3.0.
  • In case you want to use a USB connection, you need to download and then install a newly updated driver on your HP printer.
  • You can also try to restore the default networks on the printer.
  • After completing all these steps, you can now connect your HP printer to a wireless network connection or you can use a separate IP address.

Solving a blue screen is easy if you follow these above-mentioned techniques. If you cannot solve this problem by following these steps, you might have to opt for an HP Printer online tech support.

Moving on, let’s now focus on fixing the Error code 30 of HP printers.

Method of Solving Error Code 30 –

While you are attaching a file to your mail or you are trying to save the file in form of a PDF, sometime you might face, Printer not activated error code 30. Have you ever wondered why you face such an error?

Why does Error Code 30 occur in an HP Printer?

When the port of your printer malfunctions, it can lead to Error Code 30 technical problem. Also, a faulty driver of the printer can be another reason for such an issue. To fix this, you must follow these procedures. hp printer technical support

Methods for solving Error Code 30 in HP printers –

Primarily in this article, we will discuss the top 3 procedures of solving Error code 30.

Method 1

Giving complete control to your account for running the program can solve this problem. Suppose you have a shortcut of a certain program to your desktop. You need to right-click on this shortcut and then select the “Properties” option. After that, you should select the security option and choose your account. Then click on the “Edit” option and check the “Full control” box. To complete the step, select “Apply” and click on “Ok”.

Method 2

You can update the driver of your printer. An old or incompatible driver can cause error messages in your printer. To avoid such situation, update your printer’s driver by downloading it from the official site.

Method 3

Another efficient method to solve error code 30 of HP printers is by updating Windows. To do this, go to the search area and type “Update”. After this, select the “check for updates” option that allows Windows to connect to the server and look for any available updates. Also, reboot your system to save the changes.

These are the common quick fixes that will help you solve the Error code 30 issue of your HP printer. For any further queries regarding this issue, you can contact a good HP Printer customer service.

Blue Screen problem and Error Code 30 of an HP Printer are two common complications. Fixing these issues is not rocket science. All you need to do is follow the above-mentioned procedures precisely and you are good to go.

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