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                                  Terms of use & other conditions-

Terms of use are declared regarding www.fixmyprinters.com. In this page we are having the updated version of terms & condition & we are giving the regular updates also. So for the checking purpose please view this page as regular interval.

In terms of policy maintaining we are having a very strong & strict method in terms of Customer’s data.

We are having the strong policy to maintain the customer data as our secret policy. We do not authorize anyone to use the customer data as the information base.

Within the duration of the technical support process in fixmyprinters.com, customer is having the direct communication with our technical support team, we request only those information which will support our business process or which will be essential requirements for the Technical support. To complete the total transaction method we need certain kind of information base. Generally technical support team asks for the USER ID & specification of the device, fixmyprinters.com is never asking any customer about some personal information which will not be adequate for the business process. Fixmyprinters.com has the privacy policy/guideline to protect the customer data.

Terms of use
USA Printer support

We at fixmyprinters.com has the following terms & condition that are very strict & clearly maintained by our team, as we are having supervising team/Testing team for that. We are always requesting our site visitor & the customer that please read the Terms of use conditions very carefully before using our service offered by fixmyprinters.com, because essential informations are enlisted here. According to the company policy with the time frame the terms condition may change, so customer should read the page before they will go for any sort of transaction or communication method.

  • Personal information process: During site use or performing the total process our support team from fixmyprinters.com can ask you some personal identification according to our business process. In every registration process the user/customer has to share some details on the following points like full name, Mail address ,the postal code etc. This information base in the primary requirement to support the business process. fixmyprinters.com technician’s team/technical support members/Business support people are very professional in terms of every aspect they use this particular information only for the strict business purpose like: promotional offers, Renewal notice, new service plan etc. This information only required to fulfill the better support for the consumer.
  • Terms of use Payment Information: This is a vital process for any technical support, , fixmyprinters.com  has the best support model for this process. In the total communication process our support team never ask for anything like the credit card details via phone. This kind of communication entered by on the user or the consumer, fixmyprinters.com has the best secure service for the usage of debit card or credit card. Highly secured servers are maintain this practice.
  • Computer Information: Our Technical support people request customer during the Computer system information sharing, like the password, log in. This are the primary information to run the system very clearly & properly without any bug. The system can run without any bug free through the usage of this information’s.

This are the Terms of use that how fixmyprinters.com uses & protect the information base of our consumer. fixmyprinters.com does not have the unauthorized usage.

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