Lexmark is considered one of the leading brands when it comes to printers. Their printers are best in terms of both style and functionality. That’s why it has become a favorite among several printer users around the globe. Be it in school, household, office, big or small enterprises, Lexmark printers are used everywhere. However, like all other electronic devices, Lexmark printers often show various technical glitches. Many times customers have complained that their Lexmark printer is not working fast enough or that they have to deal with paper-jam issues on a regular basis. As a result, they are compelled to take help from a well-known Lexmark printer tech support.

Here are some of the common problems of Lexmark printers –
  • Paper-jam Issues
  • Problem with the ink cartridge
  • Spooler issues
  • Lexmark printer unable to print
  • Connection problem with a remote network
  • Slow printing speed
  • Double printing issue of Lexmark printer
  • Half-printing issue
  • Poor quality of printouts
  • Lexmark printer quits printing out of the blue

So, these are some of the common problems that one might face while using a Lexmark printer. To solve such issues, users do take expert help from various online Lexmark printer support. However, you can try fixing a troubleshooting Lexmark printer by yourself before availing expert help. All you have to do is perform these techniques –

  • First and foremost, check the printer’s AC adapter. Make sure to connect it properly to the USB cable and the power source. Another important thing is to look for any foreign particle like paper or something else, which might get stuck into the printer. To do so, open the printer’s upper lid and check. If there is any foreign material then carefully remove it before starting with the printing process.
  • Now, the second step for ensuring a smooth printing experience is to check the cartridge alignment. In order to do that, open the plastic covers present over the ink or laser cartridges. Make sure the alignment is perfect by setting the cartridges in the right positions.
  • Third and the best technique are to look for what kind of error message or codes it is showing and then follow a solving procedure based on that.
  • The fourth step is to make sure that the Lexmark printer’s driver and other required software are up to date. You can also uninstall the entire setup and again reinstall it by following the manual.
  • Fifth and the last technique to solve a troubling Lexmark printer is – open control panel and then select the printer option. Now, try to find the name of the printer you are using on the list that appears. If it is present then perform a printing test and check whether everything is working properly or not.

Therefore, these are the few steps following which you can mend a dysfunctional printer easily. However, if these procedures fail, then get expert help. It is recommended to take help from the experts of FixMyPrinters. To get in touch with them, dial their toll-free number toll-free number+1-888-336-7133.

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