Printers are considered as one of the most essential devices of modern days. Do you know previously you could only find printers at offices or computer shops? However, in this digitalized world, we can now find printers in households as well.

Another factor that we cannot ignore is that, with the advent of technology, several brands are introducing new and unique designed printers in the market. Among them, one great brand of printer is Canon.

When it comes to printer brands, Canon is a well-recognized brand. But, like every other electronic device, sometimes it also shows certain abnormal functionalities. These problems are not that hard to solve if you follow certain guidelines. Or you can also take help from Canon printer tech support USA.

Here is how you can fix common problems of a Canon printer –

1.Canon printer is unable to print – Often while in middle of an important printing job, suppose your Canon printer quits printing. In such a scenario, you need to solve the issue urgently or your work will remain pending. Therefore, the first and foremost step you should take is to check whether the printer is properly plugged in or not. Canon printers will only start printing when the ON light is on and not blinking or flashing. Make sure to properly connect your printer with the power source. Also, sometimes due to previous undeleted printing work can also cause this issue. For this situation, you have to remove anything present in the printing queue and start printing.

2.Tremendously slow printing speed – This is a very common problem of not just Canon printers but all brands of printers. The speed of a printer decreases when you opt for an excellent quality print job. So, if you want to print at a faster rate, just reduce the print quality of your printer’s settings.

3.Canon printer paper-jam issues – This issue occurs when a paper gets stuck inside the printer. First, turn off the printer and unplug it from the main power source. Now slowly try to pull every piece of the paper from the printer without tearing it. While doing it, avoid touching the rail or film of the Canon printer. Also, make sure that there is no paper left inside the printer.

4.Poor quality printouts – Poor quality printouts are generally very light and faded in nature. This problem generally arises due to a clogged or dried up print head. Even sometimes you might see horizontal lines or spots on the print. The best way to fix the issue is by clearing the dried ink. You easily perform this by using the utility program of your Canon printer. Another way to fix the issue is by installing a new ink cartridge.
These are some of the most common issues of a Canon printer. However, these issues can be very easily fixed if you follow these rules. Otherwise, you can also take help from printer technical support USA and Canada.

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